How to create an online store in WordPress

In today’s article we are going to talk about how to create an online store in wordpress. This was the most voted topic in the instagram stories. I shared a few weeks ago and it’s also a question that i know plagues a lot of people. There are several options for creating online stores, including platforms that specialize in this topic, such as shopkit, for example. For that reason, it’s easy to get confused, after all, what’s the best way to create an online store? I honestly don’t think there is a single answer, each person will have to analyze the existing platforms to understand what works best for them and their business. But i, as an unconditional fan of wordpress.

How to create an online store in

Think it is an excellent solution and that’s why today i’m going to teach you how to create an online store in wordpress, which is actually something super easy. How to create an online store in wordpress first of all you will have to think about four things: the domain, the hosting, the theme and the woocommerce plugin. Only with these four Panama Phone Number List things will you be able to create an online store in wordpress. But from there it’s super easy, not only create but manage your store. Domain and hosting like any other wordpress site, your store will need a domain and hosting. The domain is the address, the link that will send people to your space and the accommodation is the house, or rather, the land where you will build the house.

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How to install and configure

WordPress is like a prefab house, which saves you the work of manual construction and which, within certain limits, can be customized to your liking. The site that i advise the most to buy hosting and domains without unpleasant surprises is webhs. If you’re just starting out Aleart News and your store doesn’t have more than 50 products, just buy the linux hosting . This accommodation costs €56 per year, adding a .pt domain, the final value will be €69 per year. Theme as with prefabricated houses, there is not just one model. There are different colors and layouts, right? In wordpress it works the same way. There are themes (also called themes or templates) that define which layout your site will present.