How to create a facebook ad account

Creating an ad account on facebook is a fundamental step for the entrepreneur who wants to create advertising campaigns within the largest social network in the world. This account will also allow the management of ads on instagram. But that will be a subject for another text. So, If you want to know how to create a facebook ad account . We here at adobe communication have prepared an amazing step-by-step guide to help you! Before we actually get into creating an ad account on facebook. Let’s get to know a little about the network’s potential. There are several benefits for those who want to use the facebook ad platform. Among the main ones is the reach that the platform provides.

How to create a Facebook Ads Account

You can impact dozens of people. Maybe even the population of your entire city. Without spending a lot of money. After all, Not every entrepreneur can invest in an open channel. For example, To impact a large number of people. Shall we talk numbers? Today facebook is the social network with the most users worldwide. In brazil we have Bahamas Phone Number List more than 130 million people over 18 years of age connected to the network. In july. A report by folha de são paulo reported that of these 130 million. 127 million were active users of the social network in the first quarter of 2018. You can check the entire report here. If we stop to think that the brazilian population reached 208 million this year. Facebook’s popularity is evident. More than half of the population is on the social network and there are still many people to join.

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Creating a Facebook Ads Account from Scratch

Create a facebook ad account. How to create a facebook ads account – getting started now that you know the size of the social network in our country. Is it time to create one of facebook ads ? First of all. You need to know that to create an ad account on facebook. You need to have a page so that the ads can run. Personal profiles cannot advertise Aleart News on the social network. Only pages can. In addition. There are dozens of advantages in using a page and not a profile for your company on facebook. To understand better, Watch our video on the topic: watch video . If you have a personal profile instead of a business page. We urgently suggest that you stop reading the post right here and change your profile to the page.