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Telling you that instagram is reaching the number of facebook users is nice. But why worry about your presence on it? This number is just a relevant detail. More important than that is the power of engagement that he has conquered among the network’s users. In order to exemplify this ability to adhere to instagram. We are going to list some data from the facebook vs instagram engagement report developed by mlabs. This study involved nearly 6 million facebook and instagram posts between january 2016 and january 2017. Considering only the facebook and instagram “like” action. Instagram obtained an average 14% higher than facebook; pages with up to 10 thousand followers. A publication on facebook has an average of 28 likes.

Why engage people on Instagram

Pages from thousand followers the number of likes on instagram increases to more than 100% compared to facebook; accounts with more than 100,000 followers. Instagram surpasses facebook in engagement; videos on instagram engage 34% more than photos; practical tips to engage more on instagram now that you’ve read some relevant numbers about instagram engagement. Let’s get down to Albania Phone Number List business! We separate some simple tips that can and will improve your business engagement with your customers. Hashtags the possibility of your business being found through one or more hashtags is huge. When the person is interested in a certain subject. And searches, For example. Beverages on instagram, All related content will appear there. The more you use them. The greater the possibility of reaching and engaging with customers and potential customers.

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Practical tips to engage more on Instagram

How to engage brands on instagram – check out practical tips do not post hashtags that have no connection with the image or video you are posting. They should match the subject covered in the post and be perceived as specific to your business. Hashtags like love happiness Aleart News contribute to more views. However, They do not attract customers who may actually become loyal to your brand. Tip: instagram allows the use of up to 30 hashtags. But ideally you put 11 hashtags and not much more. This is the number that most contributes to the ranking of your posts. Geolocation it optimizes communication due to proximity. Generates identification and attracts a more engaged audience. 79% of people look for information about places and cities through location.