How to get Leads through Facebook Ads

A very common term in the area of ​​digital marketing, lead refers to a potential consumer/customer of a brand. Someone who has shown interest in consuming. The product or service, contacting the company for more information or subscribing to a newsletter, for example. Thus, the company starts to have contact data (e-mail, telephone, etc.) of the potential customer. In a broader view, a lead can be composed of . A mailing list and its extensions. But it can also serve as a reference for a brand’s contacts on social networks. Like followers on twitter, instagram or linkedin, likes on a facebook fanpage, subscribers on a youtube channel, etc. In other words, in a simplified way, a lead is a user that is within reach of the company, regardless of the form of contact.

What is Facebook Lead Ads

What are facebook ads facebook ads are advertisements served within the facebook platform. They are today one of the most efficient paid media in digital marketing. Ads have a wide variety of formats for the campaign, not just text. Based on all user behavior on the social network, facebook filters content through an algorithm that determines what Lithuania Phone Number List is most relevant to each user. The targeting power of facebook ads is enormous and you can drill down into the tool the profile of the audience you want to reach. The latest genius of the platform was to develop a quick way of how you can get leads through ads on the network: facebook lead ads . What is facebook lead ads? Facebook lead ads is an ad format made available by the social network so that companies can create simple forms to collect user data.

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Tips for a good Facebook Ads Leads campaign 

This functionality generates leads through paid media without the user impacted by the ad having to leave the social network. In a traditional campaign, an ad is created and, when the user is interested, he clicks on the banner and is redirected to a page outside facebook (usually a specific website) where he fills in his information in Aleart News exchange for some product or service. Adobewith the new platform tool, facebook lead ads. When the user clicks on the ad, a form will appear within the network itself. Already pre-filled with your public information (such as name and email), just two clicks for the process to be completed. One in the ad and another to send the information previously filled in. The tool is designed for mobile devices only.