How To Measure And Evaluate The Customer Journey

We were interest Benjamin Uebel’s presentation from. Userlutions promises instructions for a -minute UX test of the web interface. Thanks to which you will squeeze feedback from the customer incredibly. Quickly compare to conventional procedures. Affiliate Conference November. Munich Does your business thrive primarily on an affiliate basis. Don’t miss the purely affiliate conference in Munich, where all day there. Will be discussions only about partner programs. 

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In short affiliate marketing will be cover from A to Z at the conference. And you would be sorry if you weren’t there. We’re interest Martin Rieß from Awin will focus. On affiliate marketing on mobile devices and tell you what and how to set up and what tools to use to achieve up to of your total sales on mobile devices. Hurry up and buy a ticket! Digital Egypt Phone Number List Growth Unleash Berlin November – , , Berlin Like the previous conference, Digital Growth Unleash deals primarily with one topic, namely conversion rate optimization . So if you’re struggling with how to increase profits and reduce expenses, this conference could push you in the right direction.

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How To Use Discount Coupons Correctly

In addition to the immortal contemplation of what content will make customers immediately leave their entire piggy bank with you, the conference will also give you access to and work with data. Automation, A B testing of conversion rate optimization, advance optimization of high conversion pages or neuropricing. The conference has something to say about Aleart News these topics as well. We’re interested Personalize intelligently and don’t stalk your customers. In her talk, Jenna Tiffany from Let’sTalk Strategy will tell you how to automate personalization and how to measure its performance without your customers feeling like your ad is jumping out at them from the fridge. 

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