How to start a digital business and be successful

Making the decision to start a digital business is not an easy task. Without a doubt, it is a long-term job that implies perseverance, dedication and strategy.

The year 2020 was a digital revolution , many companies and small businesses found it necessary to reinvent themselves and, as many entrepreneurs who emerged when they discovered the potential of the digital sector.

If you are one of the brave ones who launched into digital entrepreneurship, surely a thousand doubts arose: where do I start? What do I specialize in? What can I do to make  阿根廷电话号码表 my business work? Do not worry, you are not the only one who has asked yourself these questions, when I decided to undertake in 2016 they also haunted my head for weeks.

For this reason, in this article I am going to share with you the keys that I myself have put into practice to start a successful digital business, with high turnover and having a work team at my disposal.

New platforms and digital technologies allow us to work from anywhere, making our products and / or services known to the whole world. There are no longer any geographical borders and scaling your business is a reality at your fingertips.
Reasons to start a digital business to be successful
What actions should I take to start a digital business?

  1. Define your project well and what you want to focus on
  2. Set goals
  3. Define the strategies and actions to be carried out
  4. Monitoring and control
    Actions to implement when you start a digital business: TIPS
    Reasons to start a digital business to be successful
    Digitization is a reality and businesses must adapt, whether you have a local business or a company in which offline marketing has been the predominant strategy, waiting for customers to enter your business is no longer enough.

A 360º strategy combining digital marketing with offline communication actions can be the key to get your sales off the ground.

The reasons and advantages that you should take into account and that it supposes to start a digital business are:

The Internet has grown at the speed of light, millions of users seek solutions to their problems through this channel. So the purchase of products or the contracting of services are increasing in the network. As I myself say: if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist.

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There are no borders: you can sell nationally and / or internationally to any country in the world, increasing and increasing your sales. You may find yourself working in a small town, but it doesn’t matter, you can sell wherever you want through e-commerce, your service website and buying traffic online.

Brand presence, visibility and branding of your business through the web, social networks, search engines and online platforms.

Your customers will be able to buy from you at any time of the day and from anywhere in addition to contacting you through the different channels where your company is present.

The investment is usually less than if you start a physical business, since digital platforms are usually 警报消息 cheaper. Although remember that advertising investment is essential to attract your ideal customer and get them to buy from you.

Measurement and analysis: You can measure absolutely everything, the control is greater. And as we say: everything that can be measured can be improved.

Brand reputation: your brand will be positioned online and with good management, it will be rewarded with user opinions, which will make other potential customers take the step of buying from you and not from the competition.

What actions should I take to start a digital business?
As in any business, you must have prior planning to know what strategy and actions you must implement and carry out.

In my case, before starting my business, I spent months analyzing the market, researching the competitors and taking into account what products or services I could offer to reach my ideal client and progressively increase sales.

This prior analysis is essential before you launch into a digital business. You must also estimate the budgets you have, the costs that it may entail: work equipment, office, delegate or payment tools among others.

Determine your sector, your buyer person and your target. Define your goals and brand strategy very well before you start.
The steps you must follow to start a digital business and be successful are:

  1. Define your project well and what you want to focus on
    Take a pen and paper, take your time and start defining the most important things.

Ask yourself these questions before you begin:

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What is my project?
What do I want to focus on?
What am I going to sell?
Who is my target audience?
It is very important that you define your market niche, your ideal client and establish a Business Plan as complete as possible: including the definition of the business and project, prices, suppliers, logistics, including human resources, financial plan and a good marketing plan and communication to launch it on the market and maintain the position of your brand.

You can apply a Business Plan of any traditional business to the digital world, adapting it and taking into account the characteristics of this type of business.

You will understand that this definition is the cornerstone of the entire project since from there you will be able to define the tone of communication and all the actions to be carried out.

  1. Set goals
    Personally, I am in favor of setting SMARTS goals as they give us an idea of ​​how we should realistically achieve them.

Therefore they must be:

In a given time
That they do social good
You will have to establish different objectives depending on the actions that you are going to develop and in each of the departments that make up your digital business.

  1. Define the strategies and actions to be carried out
    Once you’ve defined your goals, it’s time to get down to business. I recommend that you analyze and establish the strategies, actions as well as the tactics to carry out to start your digital business.

In my personal brand I established a series of actions that I knew would have a return and that could not go unnoticed from the first moment:

Creation of a web page: usable and friendly for the user, positioned at the SEO level and that managed to transmit my essence: who I am, what I offer and how I can help my clients.

Social Media Plan and presence in Social Networks : a fundamental point for digital businesses: having optimized and worked profiles, both in their configuration and in the daily work of the networks through the creation and publication of valuable content , interaction with my community and gradual growth of each one of them.

Create a good social media plan and execute it.

social media content calendar

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At this point, I advise you to investigate which social networks are the best for your business, since it is possible that not all of them are your audience or your potential clients. Analyze it and get to work as soon as possible. Your brand must be visible but with a strategy.

Online advertising: the organic reach of social networks has dropped considerably in recent years, so any digital business needs to attract users through the purchase of online traffic .

There are numerous platforms that allow us to launch advertising campaigns: Facebook and Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google and Youtube Ads, Twitter, Tik Tok, among others. Always under the strategy and planning of the campaigns, you can obtain very good results and a considerable ROI.

If you don’t have time to develop it, you can always delegate it to a person or agency specializing in online traffic.

How to start a digital business and be successful [Tips + Advice]

Content marketing : as you well know, the internet is content and more content. Having a good blog with content related to your sector, well-developed social media profiles and the generation of powerful content will attract users interested in your products or services.

In our case, it is a fundamental strategy that we work daily on social networks, blogging even in the episodes of my Conecta Marketing Online podcast available from Monday to Thursday , in which I give valuable content in this format.

connect online marketing

Trust me, it’s a great strategy that, combined with a good social media and social media ad plan, works.

  1. Monitoring and control
    Traditional advertising has always been difficult to measure, the return on investment in radio, television or outdoor is arduous since we do not have an exact way to determine the behavior and actions of the user.

If you have well-defined actions in digital marketing, for every euro you invest you can analyze the return on investment, for example in advertising campaigns to buy online traffic. It is ideal to improve our actions and know what is and what is not profitable for our business.

For this reason, the monitoring, control and measurement of the actions is essential to achieve your objectives, see what is profitable and what you must give a twist.

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