How to take advantage of LinkedIn Elevate for a content marketing strategy?

350 million active users, the social network with the highest exponential growth and, now, with LinkedIn Elevate, an app to share content. Having a prominent presence on LinkedIn is essential when it comes to generating contacts. Although until now, content strategies tend to be directed more to other networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, a well-directed content plan on LinkedIn can have an optimal benefit Given the recent announcement of the launch of the LinkedIn app to share corporate content on the professional social network, the platform is postulated as one of the basic pillars of the content marketing strategy Belgium Mobile Database. As highlighted by Click Content , when developing a plan in this regard, it is essential to pay special attention to this social network and make the most of the possibilities it offers. According to published studies, 95% of B2B companies say that content marketing has helped them achieve their goals.

The companies highlight among its benefits the fact that it facilitates the purchasing processes of consumers. In this sense, taking into account the advantages of this type of marketing, it is worth highlighting the need for companies to have a prominent position on LinkedIn and a planned content strategy on this network. It must be taken into account, first of all, that practically all the professionals who are present on LinkedIn are there to network. So why not take advantage of it? Create content related to the area of ​​your contacts and future contacts In relation to the above, it is essential to know and study the audience to which the content is intended. In this sense, it will be essential to develop professional and interesting texts for the contacts that the company has on the network, but not only that.

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“It is necessary to go further and look at the type of contacts we want to have and, based on them, develop information that is of interest to get closer to them.” Empower LinkedIn Elevate The new functionalities offered by the network are to be used and enhanced. So it is important to take advantage of the new LinkedIn application that encourages employees to share corporate content. It is possible to know the impact of the content that is shared, the best time to publish it, take advantage of alerts, etc. For this reason, it is highly recommended to assign a new task in the commercial department of companies that includes the dissemination of content through LinkedIn Elevate since if this dissemination is done in a strategic and correct way, the success rate of commercial actions increases .

Take into account the mobile version and develop visual content Recent studies indicate that the use of mobile phones in Spain has increased by 15% and breaks historical records. For this reason, when planning a content strategy on LinkedIn, it will have to be focused on a mobile screen. There are many professionals who consult LinkedIn through the app installed on their phone Brother Cell Phone List. Therefore, in addition to taking into account the basic recommendations of creating attractive content that is of interest, useful and not advertising, it is necessary to take into account the visual part when presenting it. “The contents will always have to be accompanied by an image that makes them more visual and eye-catching. The image counts, and a lot”, they stand out from Click Contents.

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