How to use discount coupons in your marketing strategy

The increase in Internet access in recent years has brought with it an exponential growth in sales over the Internet. According to data from the study carried out by the Online Business School, 32% of people who buy in Spain already do so through the Internet. Due to this, stores, both the smallest and the largest, must adapt their sales strategy to customers who are increasingly more in the virtual space than in the physical one. But positioning a brand and some products in the increasingly large Internet market is not easy. SEO was until now one of the main free alternatives, along with social networks, which are already becoming saturated with advertising Armenia Mobile Database. That is why one of the great alternatives when it comes to positioning brands and products are discount coupons. In recent years, discount coupons are becoming an alternative used by an increasing number of consumers.

This trend, which came from the Anglo-Saxon market and gained strength with the economic crisis, has established itself as a great savings alternative for buyers and a very important marketing strategy for companies. Why use discount coupons in your marketing strategy? Using discount coupons within the marketing strategy offers us different benefits: Build loyalty to our customers: by offering discount codes for the next purchase, we make it easier for the customer to buy again in the same store. Attract new customers: in a market saturated with brands and similar products, we can differentiate our brand through discounts when purchasing our products or services. This is the case with Europcar discounts .

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Increase sales of a certain product: The launch of a new product or service can be incentivized by offers to consolidate it until it is strong enough on its own. Position the brand: using a discount can help to position the brand thanks to the discount code and coupon websites that already have their own traffic and customers. What channels to use to distribute discount coupons? Different channels can be used when distributing discount coupons, and all of them with good results: Email: according to the IAB Mobile Study 2015, 83% of users declare that they like to receive discounts and promotions by email.

It is a very easy initiative to carry out with the company’s own database. Online store: if you have an online store you can use your own port to offer discounts, either on the first purchase or when validating the cart. Discount code websites Brother Cell Phone List: these types of websites have their own traffic and a large number of brands that will allow us to position and publicize our brands and products. In addition, we managed to position ourselves in the savings market. Affiliate platforms: they are the intermediaries between the advertiser and the website where the discount coupons will be published.

You just have to register to start offering your discount coupons to all your affiliated advertisers. Most of them allow you to select your target audience and personally approve requests from advertisers. Social networks: social networks are a territory that can become saturated with advertising, but an interesting discount can become viral content. For the strategy to be good, it must combine several types of communication, in order to quantify where we are able to reach the most target audience. Temporality Another factor to take into account when planning a marketing strategy with discount coupons is the temporality and periodicity.

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One of the best alternatives is to offer discount codes in the low shopping season, when users do not expect to find discounts in order to surprise them. On the other hand, it is not advisable to offer many discount coupons all the time, since customers tend to perceive it as something normal and not as an extraordinary opportunity to save. There are also a series of risks that we must take into account, such as the possibility of incurring losses if the promotion, the target audience and the maximum ceiling that we are willing to reach are not correctly quantified. As you may have seen, discount coupons are a great alternative when it comes to positioning our brand in the market and reaching new customers.

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