How to use Google Trends to boost your brand

Have you ever wondered if knowing how to use Google Trends or similar tools can have a positive impact on your company and its contents? If this has not happened, it is recommended that it happen. Currently, with thousands of pieces of content that are created at all times as part of content marketing efforts Hungary Phone Number List, it is essential that brands know how to keep up to date so as not to lose relevance, did you know that in spaces like WordPress, millions are published per month of content? In September 2018 alone, more than 8 million were published according to figures from the platform itself. Fortunately, today there are platforms that can help better manage this problem, one of them being the Trends platform.

The problem with content creation
Although today we know that content is everything for millions of companies, not all of them manage to be effective when developing it, for example, in the B2B segment, data from the Content Marketing Institute indicate that only 42 percent of professionals in this segment consider to be effective when working on content marketing.

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The challenges faced by content development are very diverse, although the main ones, according to the firm Wordstream, are these:

Insufficient resources
Increasing competition
Quality maintenance
Changes in trends
Unrealistic expectations
Maintaining ambitious release schedules
Risk aversion
Long term sustainability
Very wide or very narrow focus
Measurement of return on investment
As you can see, many of them are linked to content production, therefore, below we will tell you how to use Google Trends to boost your work and your brand.

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How to use Google Trends?
Create and optimize your content for temporary trends
Seasonal trends are one of the best options to stick to to gain visibility with the content, the topics that can be covered around these are very varied and can be used year after year. The idea is to identify the moments when a topic begins to become a trend gaining relevance and can be resumed.

To develop this point properly and impact the organic positioning of your site, you should have a good knowledge of your market as this will allow you to better identify when a seasonal trend will emerge, for example, if you have a costume store it is essential that you know that in these dates the interest in Halloween increases considerably, as we show in the graph below.

Having this information from Google Trends will help you to know in detail when is the best time to publish content or when to optimize and share pieces related to the topic that you already have done.

Find trending topics to cover
Outside of the seasons, addressing the trends that emerge day by day is also recommended for brands because this way you can make people depend more on you.

To identify these trending topics and improve the chances of positioning, it is necessary to go to the “Trends in searches” tab within the tool, the section shows what queries people have made in the last 24 hours as well as what they are doing in real time. It also allows you to filter these topics by categories, such as science and technology, sports, business, leisure, health and well-being, etc.

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To get the most out of this, that is, to get more traffic, it is ideal to identify the topics that competitors will possibly address and take them but generating a point of view contrary to that, this turn can be of great help Phone Number List to capture the attention of the audience and earn more clicks.

Determine demand in certain regions
For every company it is essential to take advantage of its resources efficiently and this is something with which the platform can help you because with it you can locate the consumers for whom your products may be a necessity due to the conditions in which they are in Certain moment.

For example, if you have a brand of umbrellas or umbrellas and use the tool to search for this term as a keyword, you will have a better idea of ​​the regions or even the most suitable moments to target your audience.