How to use social media to retain customers

There are different reasons why a small business will receive an influx of new customers. While new customers are great, customers who have already made a purchase and return to the store are even better!

Social media offers a number of opportunities to convert your new customers into existing customers or repeat customers or become “fans” of your products and services.

How to attract new clients through social networks

The first thing you should do is redirect new customers to know the account that your company has on social networks. This is a good way to encourage the use of social networks and get more followers. Offering those who have just made their purchase a future discount, but linked in some way to social networks, is usually an effective strategy. For example, a toy store can let its customers (at the store) know that if they become fans on Facebook they will be able to access discounts and special promotions. Or you can tell them that by following the company on Twitter you will receive special messages with exclusive offers.

This practice is no different than taking a customer’s email or USA Phone Number postal address and sending them information with personalized offers, the difference lies in the drive of social media interaction and the speed of response you get to through this medium; It is much more agile to read a message received through a tweet than to receive it under the door of your house in paper format (this without going into details about cost reduction). This is really a plus for small business owners as it engages customers on social media and increases the chances of capturing their attention.

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Focus on building a community 

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Once you have users who have agreed to follow you or your business on social media, the trick to retaining those customers is to make them want to “come back”. That means that they must interact with new content, exclusive offers, and information that they could not otherwise get. The best way to grow your community is to always offer quality content. Although that means that many times you have to give up the sales pitch.


Customers participate in the communities due to the quality of the information and because they are interested in being informed of their news about sales, discount coupons, offers at certain times, new products or changes in their business (for example, change of location, opening new branches, menu update, etc.). Delivering quality, helpful advice and information to your customers will make them more likely to want to do business with you and help you build a true online community.

Restaurants could share recipes or tips on how to properly reheat “leftovers” or make a good meal out of it, while those offering services such as plumbing (plumbers) could give instructions on how to fix simple things. Merchants could offer feedback on their new products (or ways to use them), and doctors could offer alerts about new medical research developments or changes in health policy. The key is to generate added value and be able to give the subscriber or fan quality news. Be creative! What kind of information may be of interest to your customers? This is what will help you grow your community and in turn generate return interest from your customers.

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