How to install and use Yoast SEO

Seo by yoast alone is a great excuse to have wordpress . It’s the best tool to optimize. Your blog’s seo and to boost traffic for free thanks to the power of search engines. Although it does not dispense with previous knowledge of seo. The truth is that yoast seo helps a lot those .Who want to build powerful articles. Ready to be discovered on google. But don’t be fooled if you think that. You just need to install yoast seo and. Your articles will be automatically optimized. You need to know how to use this tool to make the most of it. So, if you don’t know how to install and use yoast seo. read on to discover the full potential of this wonderful tool.

How to Install Yoast Seo

How to install yoast seo the first thing to do is enter your blog’s control panel and, in the plugins section, click on add new. Yoast seo in the search box on the right, search for yoast seo and you should find the plugin in the Paraguay Phone Number List first result. Click install now and you’re done! How to use yoast once you have it installed and activated, you will start to see a yoast seo dashboard at the bottom of each page when you are creating a new article or a new page for your blog. How to use yoast seo what’s the point? Optimize each post or page to receive a “green ball” in the ranking in both seo and readability.

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How to Use Yoast Seo

Google has about 250 factors that help to put articles in the first places of search results. Although it does not reveal most of them, nor their preponderance, some of them are already known and many others are assumed. Yoast seo works like a traffic light for each of its two Aleart News sections: article readability and article keyword: red: watch out! You need to make a lot of profound changes to your article. Orange: not bad but could be better. Green: congratulations! You have a well-optimized article! In case you are in red or orange, don’t panic. In addition to telling you what the problem is, yoast seo also tells you how to solve each of the problems you encounter, so you have infallible articles in terms of seo! Let’s see all this right away.

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