How to win the War on Lice

I almost bet that five minutes after reading this title, most readers are already feeling itchy heads. Talk about it and that’s it. It’s like when someone tells us that they had an eye operation… we start with tears right away, and it’s not from emotion. Although the Portuguese have in their vocabulary terms that include these “little animals”, some of them expressing the most complete affection (“your dirty louse”, they say to their children, in an act of tenderness), others said with a good dose of contempt (“that more lice!”), the topic “lice” still belongs to the realm of taboos. A study we carried out at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, in 2011, confirmed the lack of knowledge of the surveyed population.

What problems can head lice

The situation is all the more strange when you know that the vast majority of children have had (or have!) lice at some point in their lives. And when you know that hiding the matter and not dealing with it (or with “them”, lice) from face to face, to contribute to the situation being Exit Mobile Phone Numbers eternalized, and festering. On the other hand, the recent worldwide increase in lice infestation has been accompanied by changes in their distribution. Thus, it is not only in the most deprived neighborhoods and in the poorest children that lice appear; on the contrary, the middle classes in urban areas and private schools are frequent targets of attacks by the louse hordes.

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Lice as a cause of educational failure

I pause here so that readers can scratch their heads, because I’m sure that, as I am, they will also be full of desire to do so). what are lice Head lice, or pediculus capitis , are bloodsucking insects that parasitize the scalp Aleart News of humans. They reproduce through eggs and multiply quickly. They pass from person to person or, if you like, from hair to hair, by direct contact. Clean and/or short hair is not a defense against lice, quite the opposite. It is good for parents to have this fact in mind.

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