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The support of the State since it addresses the given general education of the public and is maintained by it. Another parameter of the relationship between State and Art is the eminently private character of the latter. The concept of statecraft is absurd by definition. The State does not produce art nor should it nor can it. Private individuals produce and the State helps. Its only possibility and obligation is to create those conditions that will facilitate private artistic production. But how can this be done Firstly as already said with the direct and indirect cultivation of the public and secondly with the moral and material support of the artists when this is possible. The artist should not expect to be fed in the rectory.

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But when he finds that too much money. Art he has Remove Background Image the right to be indignant and to claim. All of the above applies to all arts and obviously to photography as well. What makes the latter more peculiar is the fact that most private or public actors and officials were more drawn to photography than convinced of its artistic quality. And the confusion between its applied or commercial side and its purely artistic dimension is even more intense and darker than in other artistic areas. But its very artistic nature which everyone suddenly agreed on without understanding is extremely complex.

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As dangerous as it is for the commercial photography Aleart News of advertising and reportage to invade the field of art it is even more so to identify artistic photography with the visual field. At a time a few years ago a perception of  in art prevailed in the formation of our country’s cultural policy.  Aseries of institutions that would absorb a lot of energy and a lot of money in infrastructure and operational costs degrading the individuality of creation and artists. Fortunately the tendency to privatize even state enterprises put a brake on these ambitions.

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