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The data comes from May, currently it will probably be a higher proportion ahrefs featur snippets What with this? If you haven t already, you should definitely start thinking about a strategy for feature snippets . As soon as you are not seen in feature snippets, your clients will lose visibility and traffic. It doesn’t matter if it is name the same as the ALT text. As I mentioned in the first question, in many cases the user does not need to get to your website at all. At the beginning of the article, I stated that the share of image searches is relatively large. However, images are also related to classic text search.

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In Spotib you can again filter all these URLs and go through the endings of your images.  name images from the site and upload them again, this time with the correct file name. Otherwise, stick to this policy at least starting today to save yourself hours Finland Phone Number List of work in the future. questions about optimizing images for search engines In this part of the article, I have prepare for you answers to several questions that I often receive from clients and which I believe will be useful for many of you as well. How do users think when searching for keywords through images In most cases, they think like you They are looking for inspiration for example, for a costume to wear to a Christmas party.

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They search for what a particular person looks like Who is Bradley Cooper or thing What do chia seeds look like They need a suitable image for the presentation These are of course just examples. However, I want to demonstrate on them that it very often Aleart News happens that Google solves the user’s problem without the user needing to click through to the website. And that has to be reckon with. . What types of websites should consider image optimization I don’t want to tell you in this article that every website on which you honestly fill in all ALT texts for images can look forward to a several fold increase in traffic from the search engine.

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