In addition, it Spain Phone Number will be easier for them to find what they’re looking for because they

It’s easy to get lost when a text has a lot of long sentences. If possible, try to split a long sentence into multiple shorter ones. It will make your content easier to understand. Our It highlights Spain Phone Number long sentences, so you can review and possibly rewrite them. If your audience understands your content, search engines probably will too.  The result: your website will rank higher for that topic.

Avoid using passive voice

Using passive voice is an essential grammatical construct. However, it also makes content harder to understand and digest. While using passive voice gives variety to your sentences, it could make your Spain Phone Number content harder to understand. People with cognitive disorders may find your blogs confusing. And search engines will find it harder to extract the meaning of your content and direct visitors to your site.

If possible, avoid using the passive voice when you write. Need more tips? We have a dedicated post to help you out! Read more about.

Write focused content

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Spain Phone Number

Unless you’re writing an essay, it’s usually better to write shorter and more focused content.  By keeping your content focused on a single topic, your readers will be able to digest that content faster and easier. In addition, it will be easier for them to find what they’re looking for because they don’t have to read a ten-page post in order to find the two paragraphs that brought them to your content in the first place. It will help you create a more sustainable website with (less and) more focused content.

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Try to think like a visitor and not a content writer when you write. Readers will be more inclined to read something short. Instead of writing one ten-page post, why not try to write ten short posts? Your visitors will not only be able to quickly find what they’re looking for but they might also be inclined to visit your site more frequently. And finally: short posts also have the added benefit of creating more points of reference to your website, which is useful for search engines.