Get Your People and Processes in Order

All the above points are not one-time assignments, they should instead be given a place in the daily/weekly work of the website administrator or the web team to make it successful. Divide the reels and let them experience what profits can be made. Share the successes with each other and set goals to work towards.

Depending on how social media will play a role in your organization, you may want to consider creating a role as a Community Manager . A person with the task of supporting and stimulating the community (independent of platform). But also discovering new opportunities with social media.

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7. Other platforms such as mobile/tablet are growing fast

Some projects initially focus on the desktop website. But the growth of mobile or tablet browsing is so fast, you can’t afford to ignore these platforms. There are several avenues you can take to support mobile visitors. Depending Engineering Directors Email Lists on your mobile strategy, you can choose an app, a fully mobile site or a so-called responsive design of your newly launched website.

Engineering Directors Email Lists

Which features are you going to use for your mobile website? In case of a webshop, are you willing to invest in a complete mobile shopping experience? Show you all content, or just a summary because of the small screen. Also consider the techniques that desktop environments do not yet have. Such as multitouch, gestures, GPS, NFC and the accelerometer. It is precisely with mobile/tablet that you can narrow the gap between online and offline.


I can be very short: Never stop developing your site, both on the business and technical side. It’s not a one-time project, it’s a process. And I haven’t even mentioned fixing annoying bugs.

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