In search of the real the future of social media

We know the importance of the internet when it comes to sharing information . The question is when this occurs beyond the intended proportions. After a year of elections. Thousands of users have joined in a fight against fake news – or fake news as they are known. In 2018 the internet has become a divided world. On the one hand. We had an army composed of people willing to talk and discuss. And on the other. Countless news continued to be shared daily. The fact that they noticed the danger they were in encouraged a change in the behavior of a large portion of social media users. People became more suspicious. Giving credibility only to content shared by acquaintances. Friends and family. The search for real data has turned into an information race.

All against fake news

In this sense we are prone to “google” everything we receive. In order to verify the veracity of the information. Privacy above all according to the edelman trust barometer report . 60% of people don’t trust media companies . Scandals of data leaks involving large companies such as facebook. For example. Encouraged users not to expose their New Zealand Phone Number List data as much. Unlike a few years ago. Manipulation is also among the factors of mistrust. It is not new that studies cite the use of pixels in the distribution of news. Creating the famous “bubble filter”. In this system. Companies choose content for the user according to their likes and interactions. And not taking into account what is really true or even important. Information security is – more than ever – among the first pillars that convey trust and certainty in this complex relationship of users and social platforms.

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And the mimimi generation

Back to reality the influence of the internet on people’s lives is so great that the items mentioned change the way social media is seen and used. “stories” are taking the place of feed publications. The reason? The reality shown through them. At a time when it is difficult to distinguish Aleart News the true from the false. Nothing better than exposing life as it is. This way of presenting information is dictating the direction of digital content. People are increasingly seeking – and finding – influencers. Companies and artists who expose their daily lives in a more natural and realistic way. In this way it is possible to convey confidence to those who are consuming that content. And the mimimi generation. Where is it in this story? Users tend to search for more and more information.