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With the marketing and sales areas aligned. It is possible for the sales team to know even more how the potential customer acts. As well as their profile. Questions and needs. This approach contributes to the improvement of the sales team’s service process. And yet. It favors the conversion of leads into real prospects. Who are more likely to become customers. Knowing the future customer better and making it visible to him from the first contact – making him aware of the real problem he has and presenting a solution – also adds to his loyalty. Aiming at new sales. Golden tip: our focus is work developed between marketing and sales – but you can and it is recommended that you align these two departments with the internal marketing sector. But why? The goal is for marketing. Sales and internal marketing to be connected and integrated in terms of goals and results.

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Thus the entire work becomes more focused. As good internal practices are reflected in the end customer service. Lead that comes from digital marketing is differentiated the prospect who visits your store for the first time is different from the lead who visits your page for the first time. We have a habit – despite time being a luxury item – of going to South Korea Phone Number List stores without having anything in mind to buy. In other words. “we are just looking”. So. We can. By impulse or memory. Buy something at that moment. You just have to agree that convincing a customer to take something without them having “planned” to buy it is more complicated. Have power of persuasion. Now. When the potential customer visits your website for the first time. You will rarely be their first contact with a certain product service.

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Lead that comes from digital marketing

That’s because he read blog content. Watched videos on youtube or looked for related images on instagram. He did a lot of research before he came to you. So he is no longer a layman on the subject. And not just anything will win you over. Increase sales through smarketing – how to Aleart News prepare the team the marketing team’s strategies. Aligned with sales. Cannot be the same for these two clients. We can say that with the physical store customer you take a more active approach focused on outbound marketing (identification of potential customers where a more direct approach is carried out). While the guy who visited your website. You use digital marketing strategies. Such as inbound marketing (it is considered a more passive approach. Since first the customer.