Insights and lessons about Power House 2019

You need to find out what kind of person you are. For this a simple technique can be applied with 3 words: and / or / neither when you are challenged to do more than one activity. Or more than one role within your work or business. You need to understand which of the examples below would fit. You are a person who does one thing and another thing too; you are a person who does one thing or another; you are a person who does neither one nor the other; think about it! “in business. Your reaction can define your destiny” (flávio augusto) if you work in sales. You have to be an emotional athlete. In a sales operation cycle. The reaction at the time of negotiation or the right words placed in the conversation will totally define the destiny of the negotiation.

Knowledge alone is not enough

Never envy someone’s story be fascinated get inspired by people who make things happen. Everyone can do more than they actually deliver. Surprise yourself every day. Fascinate yourself with the story of those you admire and your story. “it is not possible to work with the new media. Using the logic of the old marketing about new media. Augusto brought up some topics related to the new marketing Russia Phone Number List application model and how it changed. Any content is ephemeral; the interlocutors have changed; exposure is nothing. Conversion is everything; products need to be adapted; more agility and authenticity; there are no absolute truths. There are a/b tests; professionals need to be more and more complete; “entrepreneurs are urgently sought after” (carlos wiser martins) on the risks of entrepreneurship in brazil. Carlos wiser martins brought insights into legal and legislative.

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Entrepreneurs are urgently sought after

However he brought a very important reflection. In brazil there is a lot of opportunity to undertake. Because everything is still to be done. In addition. Carlos also said that the entrepreneur needs to stop feeding the ego and focus on learning. “everyone can as much as they dedicate Aleart News themselves” (rick chesther) rick chesther. For those who don’t know. Went from being a water salesman on the beaches of rio to a digital influencer in the world of entrepreneurship and a popular speaker in less than a year. He is still the author of the book “pega a visão” and director of nação mangueirense. He left his message within the story he built of life. And he showed that everyone can make it happen. As long as they dedicate themselves in the same proportion to the expected results.