Instagram a principal rede de 2017

In april of this year, instagram reached 700 million active users. The official blog of the social network also disclosed that the last 100 million were the fastest in the entire history of the network! The branding means that instagram has more than doubled its total users over the past two years. In december 2014, there were “only” 300 million. On september 25, carolyn everson, an executive at facebook (which owns the network), announced even greater growth. 800 million active users per month and 500 million active users per day. Isn’t it crazy? Current growth accelerated particularly in the first quarter of 2017, when instagram received the stories feature with images and videos that disappear within 24 hours. The stories function had a significant impact on the number of new profiles.

Instagram’s Historical Growth

And also in the number of active users. It is estimated that the resource alone brought in 200 million daily users. Other social networks the 800 million users already put the social network ahead of twitter. With almost twice as many profiles. And it brings the platform even closer Jordan Phone Number List to other facebook solutions, such as whatsapp and messenger. With 1.2 billion each. This means that instagram is the fastest growing facebook product network today and, therefore, the main network of the year 2017 ! No brazil the united states remains as the country champion in records. But brazil appears in second place, with approximately 45 million users. This fact has motivated more and more companies and brands to invest in ads and campaigns on the platform.

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Instagram and your Business

Instagram is a powerful social network that appeals to the visual, in which the human being is greatly impacted. Do you already use instagram as a platform to promote content or marketing campaigns for your business? Instagram and your business adobesurely you’ve heard the expression “eat with your eyes”, haven’t you? It also applies in the virtual Aleart News world. Images and videos are the types of content most shared on social media. Instagram is a social network focused on visual content. Which has increasingly positioned itself as a highly profitable communication and advertising platform . In 2016, the brand launched instagram for business. Which brought some differentials for businesses that want to use the platform as a means to do digital marketing.