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Enter your login password from the system. On the top panel you will see a quadrant icon with an arrow, this is the data store. Click on it, a list of all publications saved since registration in the social network will appear. This way of using the service has its limitations, you can only see entries from the main news feed, there is no tab for archived stories. To see them, you will need to use roid emulators or browser extensions that allow you to use the mobile version of Instagram on your computer. Where is the section located. You can find the archive by going to your profile page. Swiping from right to left or by tapping on the three horizontal bars.

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The menu will appear. The required option is at the top. Those with a linked professional account can view the save through it. Go to the Statistics section. select the Content subsection. It not only contains statistics of published publications. But the Malaysia Phone Number List images themselves are taken from the tape stories. They can be sorted by. Different metrics views, followers, likes. Comments, shares, reach, replies, releases, scrolls, engagement, so on. The vault is only available in the mobile app.

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It is not in the web version of the social network. How to send photos, videos, stories to the To add any media file to the archive, the user must. Open the post on your page click on the three dots at the top. In the drop down menu Archive . Later you can view the archived photos by going to the appropriate section. Finding an archive of pre archived Aleart News photos on Instagram is easier given the dates the photo that was added. This feature keeps photos older than one year in the account memory. You can return archived photos to Instagram at any time when the user wants to diversify the feed. Publications are added by the date of their publication. 

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