Bing Has Entered Into Strategic

Further growth in Bing’s market share is expected in the coming years. Not only because Bing is an increasingly better alternative to Google, but also because of various partnerships that the company has entered into. The previously mentioned merger with Yahoo is one of them. However, Mozilla Firefox has also chosen to use Bing instead of Google as the default search engine in their web browser. This will shift some of Google’s market share to Bing.

3. Windows 10 is coming

In addition, Windows 10 will be rolled out soon. Windows 10 is available cross-device from desktop, mobile, tablet, to Xbox. Within Windows 10, much more will be sent to searches, all of which will of course be performed by Bing.

4. Visitors from Bing spend 60% more than visitors from Google

Already convinced that optimization will be worthwhile? However, the number of searches CFO Email List that Bing currently handles and will handle isn’t the only reason. Research has shown that visitors via Bing spend 60% more than visitors from Google (Comscore September 2014). Of course no one wants to miss out on that traffic!

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5. Within Bing you (now) have less competition and you quickly have a good position

In addition, the search market within Bing is not yet as competitive as within Google as many companies overlook this. It is therefore possible to make significant steps with a few adjustments.

How to: Optimize for Bing (the basics)

Before we dive deeper into the differences between optimizing for Google and Bing, let’s start with the basics. The basic settings for Bing are often overlooked. Before we go any further, I would like to explain in more detail which steps must be followed to set the basis of Bing optimization correctly.

  1. Review the Bing Webmaster Guide Lines  . Fortunately, Bing’s webmaster Guide Lines are a lot shorter than Google’s. However, they do matter! In the Guide Lines, Bing states exactly what they expect from website owners. If it says that content is important, then you can also assume that this is indeed an important ranking factor. We will of course discuss the most important points in detail in a moment.
  2. The first and most logical step is to add your website to the Bing search results. This can be done very easily and quickly by entering the URL of the relevant website here . Enter the relevant website in the bar, enter the CAPTCHA and the website is specified: it’s simple as that! Yet this is often overlooked.
  3. The last step is to sign up the website for Bing Webmaster Tools . Within Bing Webmaster Tools, verify the website and add the site map of the website. This way Bing stays up-to-date at all times regarding changes on your website and you can also be sure that Bing can find your entire website (read: indexing). Entering the sitemap is self-explanatory. If you still can’t figure it out, you’ll find  exactly how to do it here.
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