Is it a Virus or a Bacteria

When doctors don’t know what the child has, they say it’s a virus!” This phrase is heard in many pediatric emergency services, in many hospitals and written over and over in many blogs on the internet. Is there any truth to this statement? Why this mistrust of fathers and mothers in relation to viruses? In this text we will understand why. Viruses and bacteria: is it all the same? Any child’s body can be attacked by various infections. From birth, the child is subject to being invaded by various organisms that can overcome their defense barriers and cause the most varied diseases. Many are as innocent as a cold, others are much more serious, like pneumonia or meningitis.

Viruses and bacteria is it all the

And what organisms are these. In the vast majority of cases they are bacteria or viruses. These organisms are tiny in size and are everywhere. In the air we breathe, on the surface of objects and especially in the hands of all of us through which they pass from person to person. Their only function is to multiply. For this, when they manage to Ukraine Phone Number List enter a new human being, like that of their son or daughter, they begin to divide and their number increases with each passing minute. In three times, they spread throughout the body and are ready to pass on to another child. His life is this: invade and multiply. But in doing so, they cause disease as they pass from child to child.

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What kind of diseases are caused

There are thousands of different viruses and bacteria capable of causing disease. But what is the difference between them anyway? Why are these two words used to attribute the cause of any child’s infection? Let’s Aleart News do it by steps. First, viruses and bacteria are different organisms. Specialists who study infections can distinguish one from another by their appearance when observed in the laboratory. On the other hand, their way of living and multiplying is also very different. But the main divergence, the one that interests us most for our day-to-day in the fight against these infections, is that for bacteria we have a very effective weapon to fight, antibiotics, while for viruses we do not.