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For example if a user searches for red t shirt with long sleeves , the first search result will be a series of several images. And here’s your chance. However, basic image optimization does not add any extra work and I recommend doing it for most websites. How do I find out how much traffic I get from images Image Search on Google In some guides on this topic, you will find information that traffic from images can be determined via Google Analytics. Just go to the Acquisition section, click on Channels and find a referral that leads from the domain. But watch out This is not quite the correct procedure and I do not recommend following this traffic.

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And the results can be very misleading. You can evaluate traffic from images much more accurately via Google Search Console, where you will find out not only the number of clicks, but also the number of views. The procedure is as follows Search Traffic > Search Analytics > Change Search Type to Image. . How do I do a keyword analysis for images France Phone Number List Basically exactly the same as if you were creating a classic keyword analysis . However, it is a good idea to focus on keywords such as Egypt pictures , closet inspiration , Croatia photos and the like. You can filter this type of words from the keyword and use it in image optimization . Users will tell you right away that they’re not looking for text, they’re looking for images.

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Do I need a sitemap for images If you have a small website and images are not its main content, then no . This is the case for presentation sites, blogs, smaller e shops and the like. If your website is built around visual content and images are an important part of it, I recommend that you consider extending your XML sitemap with images .  with millions Aleart News of products. . What ALT text should I choose for images that are very similar and have the same meaning I have encountered this question with more than one client. I usually answer that if the images are really the same, there is probably no point in putting them on the website.

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