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Aegean for example wants all the islands to be filled with tragic malaise and boredom uniform white houses with dark blue windows and My  arches all painted with plastic colors because for inexplicable reasons a a false tradition in the spirit of blueandwhite a choice that eliminated all the charming ocher and other earthy hues the stone and the watercolors and with it every private aesthetic surprise. Thirdly from the tendency to imitate the past with the ridiculous copying of houses of the previous century.

Why don’t we go further back to the ancient Banner Design dwelling with columns and hearth tendency that ignores the basic principle that architecture must bear the sign of time together with the sign of space and that the image of the city must be simultaneously an image of its history with respect for a historical center and gradual expansion with a aesthetic course and evolution over time. Local rulers and art Regarding the relationship of the elected lords with art we again note some common preferences.

Banner Design

When a decision is unpopular it

Secondly the tendency to prefer the summer for any Aleart News events a tendency that again favors visibility at the expense of substance. Thirdly the tendency to change commercial artists who are promoted by the Media and liked by the public. The last argument should not be a criterion in any way. Otherwise in any case we would hold referendums and end up putting the director of a polling company as governor. When a decision is unpopular it has a greater chance of being right. Fourth the tendency to promote traditional art and not to pay attention to the production of art. Fifth the complete indifference regarding the artistic and aesthetic education of the population.

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