June – Own Risk

One of the most popular topics around health insurance is the deductible. Certainly in view of the changes that have taken place in recent years, there are many questions: how much is my deductible and what exactly is and is not covered?

Continuously providing clarity about this helps your target group. This theme is alive throughout the year and in December. Especially if changes are announced from the government about increasing or decreasing it.

July – Your health insurance abroad

A month in which many Dutch people go on holiday or make the last preparations for their holiday. A trip abroad. But what are the consequences if something happens or someone gets sick on holiday? What about medical care abroad? Which costs are or are not reimbursed?

An article with tips that you should take into account for medical care abroad, provides Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists answers to the questions that are currently current among the target group.

Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists

Use social media, a blog, newsletter and content marketing to bring this information to the attention of the target group.

Review your SEO strategy

Halfway through the year, and 6 months before the care season, it is also a good time to evaluate the state of affairs. How are you doing in the search results? Have there been any major or major Google updates (or announced) to take into account in your SEO strategy? Is your mobile SEO in order ? Is the work going according to plan? What else needs adjustment? And what can you do in the next 6 months to stay ahead of the competition?

Answer these questions and adjust your SEO planning and activities where necessary.

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