Keys to creating a good content marketing strategy

In recent years, the Internet and everything related to the network has exploded. With the appearance of a multitude of websites and blogs, the sources of information have increased, in the same way that the content and access to information have grown. Companies have shown that the best way to reach the customer and the target audience is by offering quality content and proven information. But they have also observed that not everything goes and that in order to offer quality content, research and a good content marketing strategy must be carried out. But what are the keys to a good content strategy? The content marketing or content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves creating relevant and quality content to attract our target audience Algeria Mobile Database. This strategy is based on the belief that our customers will reward our quality content with their loyalty. In addition, producing quality content is one of the main strategies for search engine positioning. Content marketing also helps us build trust and credibility in our brand. Keys to creating a good content marketing strategy Define your goals As the pedagogue Laurence J. Peter said: “If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up somewhere else.”

That is why the first step, and one of the most important when defining your content marketing strategy well, and any strategy in the world of marketing, is to set clear objectives. What do you want to get? There can be many valid answers for this question: leads, branding, positioning, sales, loyalty, creating a community of users. There is no better answer than another, you simply have to be clear about what you are developing your content marketing strategy for and work accordingly to those objectives. Once you have answered the question, you must quantify your objectives in order to measure them and know if the procedure you are following is appropriate. Verbalize and quantify your goal. For example: My goal is to increase traffic this summer. I’m going to measure it with Google Analytics. The goal is to have increased by 15% in two months . Define your target Before launching into creating content appropriate to the objectives you have previously defined, you must answer other questions. The first one is who your target audience is going to be, the one that consumes the content you are going to create.

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To help you in this task try to “personify” this target. Create a person, what is called a buyer person , who embodies the characteristics of your target. You must define different characteristics: Demographic traits : age, sex, occupation, purchasing power, educational level … Lifestyle : hobbies, interests, tastes, concerns, consumption habits … Relationship with the Internet : what sites you visit, how you are going to find you, what use you make of social networks, what devices you use, knowledge of the web … Once you are clear about who your target is, you must decide what content best suits its characteristics. What type of content do they need, what formats are you going to use -article, videos, photographs, infographics …- and where are you going to distribute it. Plan the publication of content If you’ve reached this point, you already know your goals and your audience. The next step is to plan the content you are going to use and when you are going to publish it. The best option is to create an editorial calendar and be strict in its adherence. It is very important that this editorial calendar is as complete as possible and that the entire team can access it easily.

Define the type of publication, theme, title, date and time of publication, who is in charge of making it, channels that you are going to use for its distribution Brother Cell Phone List Everything you think is necessary to avoid meeting surprises or last misunderstandings hour. Good planning is a big part of the success of any marketing strategy. Pay close attention to content distribution It is useless to create great content and have everything very well planned, if at the time of distributing it you do not give it enough visibility, or you do not publish it in the appropriate channels to reach your target. One of the main points that you should take into account, before publication, is the optimization of the content to appear in the search engines. Although you should be patient with this strategy, since organic traffic is not generated in the short term, but rather in the medium and long term as the content becomes authoritative in search engines. SEO is the set of actions that help us improve the visibility of a website in the search results of different search engines.

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Various studies ensure that almost 95% of people who search Google only open the first search page, which is why it is so important to be well positioned. The organic traffic that your website receives will depend on the correct use of the SEO techniques you do on your website. Organic traffic is that which comes from search results on web search engines. Generally, organic traffic is the most important on any website. After publication you should try to distribute the content on all the channels that you have at your fingertips and are suitable for it. Once you have made the effort to create quality content, you should try everything to give it visibility: Email subscriber lists. Social networks: here you should always take into account what type of content is more suitable for one social network or another. You cannot post the same on Facebook as on Linkedin.

Press release to the media if you think the content is suitable for them. Contact Influencers. Track your content properly with metrics Any marketing strategy, much more one of content marketing, must be quantifiable through metrics. Thanks to them, we will be able to know the real evolution of our campaign in contrast to the objectives that we had set at the beginning. If you find that your campaign is not being effective or that it is far from your initial objectives, you can always use the metric data to redefine it. There are several types of metrics that you can use, depending on the goals you want to quantify: Consumption metrics : these are the ones that tell us whether or not the target of the campaign is accessing the content we have created. They are the visits, the traffic of our website, the time that the reader remains on the site … Reach metrics : they help us to know the reach that our content is having.

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It can be the number of times it is shared on social networks, the interaction or links from other websites to our content. Business metrics: these are the metrics that quantify the number of conversions that we have generated through that content, whether they are leads or sales. Currently content marketing strategies are the great queens of marketing, especially online. But as you may have seen, it is a strategy that you have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to, and above all with which you should not lose patience, since the positioning of the content is usually long-term. A good content marketing strategy must be complemented by the rest of the web marketing strategies, such as branding. For this, it is very important to create a professional and correct branding. You can take advantage of the 99designs discount code to get professional designs at very competitive prices.

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