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Link Building Building cultivating more incoming links to your site. Long-Tail Keyword These are longer much more specifi/detailthat are often less target. Meta Description A more detail description of a web page not usually taken into account by search engines. Nevertheless, they are important for improving the quality of click-through rates as they are display in search results. Meta Keywords Inputting keywords into a page’s code. It is now largely useless to SEO as search engines do not take meta keywords into account. Meta Tags The information contain within the head of each page to describe its content.

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No-follow Attribute Design to ruce webspam, us in a hyperlink to prevent the link’s destination from being crawl by search engines. Off-Page SEO Technique taken outside of your webpage to improve its site position in search results (e.g.  social El-Salvador Phone Number List mia, forums blogging). On-Page SEO SEO techniques us by a webpage internally via optimis HTML source code. Organic Search Search engine results sort by relevance to search queries without advertisements, filtering out pay-per-click results. Page Spe A measure of how fast content loads on a page. Faster page spes are more prone to be effective for SEO.

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Rank The position in which your page is return for a search term. Search Engine A program us to search for results either in a database or on the internet. Often us synonymously with big brs like Google or Bing. Optimization (SEO) The process of increasing a site’s rank visibility in search engines. The higher the rank, the greater the chance of it being seen visit. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) The results page Aleart News displaying rank sites in response to a search term. Sitemap A page us as a map or index with a link to every accessible page on a website. A good root directory helps search engines find all of a site’s pages for ranking. Title Tag A title tag describes a web page’s content. It is usually the first place a keyword is insert often the first text seen in search engine results.

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