What we Now Know About

The above studies confirm that changes are visible in mobile search results after the 21st. The fluctuations that occurr before the 21st are most likely relate to the update, but this does not necessarily mean that the update has already been rolle out earlier than stated.

Duration rollout update = 1 week

The worldwide rollout of the update will take about a week. It is therefore wise to interpret the current figures as an indication and not to draw firm conclusions from them.

Update (label) mobile accessibility = per crawl

Google checks with every crawl (that is, that the Google spider visits a website page) whether the page in question is mobile accessible. Based on this Canadian CFO Email Lists outcome, it is partly determined how well the page will rank within the mobile search results.

Canadian CFO Email Lists

Impact update = search results for smartphones

This means that this update has no direct impact on desktop and tablet search results.

Visibility ‘mobile friendly’ label

In the Netherlands, Google emphasizes the mobile usable search results by displaying the label — for mobile — within the search results. Note that this label is not yet displayed in all browsers. For example, when doing the search “Soccer” I don’t see the labels on my mobile, not in Firefox, but in Chrome.

Impact AdWords Quality Score = nee

Kate O’Donovan of the Google AdWords team has stated that mobile accessibility has no direct impact on the AdWords Quality Score . It is of course not inconceivable that this will change in the future.


The research results from Searchmetrics and Moz both show that within the US market, changes were visible in mobile search results before the announced date. Searchmetrics shows a number of very interesting examples of risers and fallers.

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I also carried out a small test for a number of Traffic Builders customers, in which I looked at deviations within the mobile segment. I compared the data from fully responsive sites, sites that use a mobile version on their own URL/subdomain and non-mobile sites. The outcome of this comparison does not show any clear changes at the moment. I will therefore perform this test again at the end of the month, in order to get a better picture of the impact on the Dutch market.