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His first contact with you will mark him in many ways. Whether it’s an online store or physical store. You can and should approach it with best practices. Otherwise It will go in search of a better experience. Speaking of e-commerce. Checkout abandonment. Which can be considered a negative action by the customer. Can bekpi customer experiencefrom extra fees. Expensive shipping or unsatisfactory forms of payment. In analyzing the data. In your google analytics account. The time spent on your website indicates. If it is relatively long. That the content being delivered is relevant and the design is pleasant. And if the time is short. We have the opposite. From that An issue that affects the customer experience in e-commerce as in the physical store is the time to resolve problems. If the process is bureaucratic and time-consuming. Your client will assimilate it as something negative.

The Result Is Obtained Through

Compromising your company’s image from his point of view. To measure it. We can use the retention and conversion rate and the churn rate. Retention rate: presents the percentage of customers who are loyal to your brand from one period to another. Within your universe of buyers; conversion rate: allows you to find out what percentage Cameroon Phone Number List of customers made the purchase; churn rate: this is the calculation of how many customers left your company in a specific period. The number of lost customers is divided by the total number of customers that the company had at the beginning of the analyzed period. With them it is possible to identify your company’s performance in customer loyalty. Satisfaction your company goes through a process full of steps. From creating a product to launching. Everything goes very well. The launch is a success. Sales start to grow.

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The Absenteeism Index Which Corresponds

Even with everything going well. Have you been concerned about your customers’ satisfaction? There is no doubt that selling a lot is synonymous with delivering a quality product/service. But it is undeniably important to measure this satisfaction so that it is not based solely on Aleart News assumptions. Satisfaction surveys through questionnaires and forms are a great way to find out how the result of shopping experiences is going. Nps is ideal for measuring overall customer satisfaction. Nps (net promoter score) it is a kpi that answers the following question: on a scale of 0 to 10. How much would you recommend our company to a friend? It allows you to know not only the customers who recommend your brand but also the ones who speak ill of it.