Landing page know what it is and its importance

Chances are you’ve been to a landing page before. But maybe you didn’t know what it was called. If you put in google translate “landing page” it will present as translation “landing page”. Usually this concept has always been tied to the pages that people land on. Whether it’s a blog content. A facebook page or even when you type a company’s website in the url bar and “falls” straight to the home. However. When talking about digital marketing. This term has the same definition. But with a more specific objective: conversion . So. Instead of considering a landing page any page you access on the internet. When viewing it within digital marketing strategies . It can and should be seen as a lead capture tool. A conversion page.

What is a Landing Page

Some characteristics that make it easier to identify it is that it has lean elements and all its information is focused on a single product/service/rich material or anything else that is the objective of the offer. Want an example? If you’ve created a rich material – e-book. Infographic. Webinar. Spreadsheet. Whitepaper. Etc – and you want it to bring potential Hong Kong Phone Number List customers to your business. You need to create a landing page to capture them. It should contain only information about this e-book. Points that reinforce what the person will read in the material. Which questions will be answered and how it can help them in their need. Important tip: do not place links that lead to other pages and materials within this landing page. As the user may lose focus and leave the page before performing the conversion.

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Essential Elements on a Landing Page

Essential elements on a landing page title and subtitle landing page title and subtitle these are two elements that must be considered with caution as they will be the first to be seen and analyzed by the user. Ideally. There should be a link between the headline and the content that was in the ad so that your persona makes a link between them. The title must provide this connection with the ad that was clicked on and the subtitle must Aleart News briefly explain what the material. Product or service being offered on this landing page is about. Be clear and to the point so that you encourage him to read all the other information on the page to learn more. Image and video image and video it is no longer news that images greatly impact the user on the internet.