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On devices of different types on a mobile phone and on a personal computer. On the phone If you access the social network on your smartphone using the official Instagram mobile app, you will ne to follow these steps to access the archive  on your phone.Open social network Instagram Follow the authorization procure in the service, enter your personal password and log in to your account. Go to your personal page by clicking the person silhouette button on the bottom panel for Android OS or the profile thumbnail for iPhone . Click the icon with three horizontal lines.

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An additional menu will appear, in the first. Paragraph there is an archive with an icon in the form of a dial with an arrow. Next, you will see a list of all add and sav posts. On the top bar, you can select the post section on the page or in stories. You Indonesia Phone Number List can hover over any post, it it, and post it back to the news fe. The principle of operation on different. Operating systems is the same, the. Difference is only in the design of the interface and the location of the system controls. On the computer How to find archiv. Photos using a computer Many users access the social network through a personal computer.

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Keep in mind that in the browser version of the service you will not find the archive tab, because this function, like many others, is simply not implement in this build. Therefore, you will have to use the official Windows app or install additional Aleart News programs, extensions and plugins in your browser that will turn Instagram into a mobile version with all its features. You can find the vault in the Windows app by doing the following Run the utility and enter your personal page sending all the recordings for preservation. This is one of the ways not to close the page, but only.

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