Learn How to Fix the 20 Most Common WordPress Errors

WordPress is a content management tool that works on the open source model. Even with its market leadership, it is not immune to bugs that create obstacles for its users. In this text, we will highlight such errors and present their solutions. Continue reading! Iván de Souza Learn How to Fix the Apr 19, 20 | 14 min read biggest WordPress bugs With a low investment cost and a very intuitive user experience, WordPress is by far the most widely used and respected CMS tool in the world. According to a study by W3Techs, the platform commands approximately 60% of the market.


While the Second Place Reaches Learn How to Fix the

Only 5.2%. But either way, WordPress is not free from bugs that hamper the user experience of the service. The fact that it is open source—meaning it has been Iceland Phone Number developed by a large number of contributors—contributes to making these flaws more common. With this in mind, we have prepared this text to list the 20 most frequently occurring WordPress errors. For each topic we will indicate the best way to solve the problem. Good reading! 1. The white screen of death The too alarming name is not accidental.


The So-called White Screen of

Iceland Phone Number

Death is consider by many to be the most feared flaw in the use of the platform. The explanation for this is simple: the error is characterize by a blank screen, with no additional information that might indicate its origin. Therefore, it is possible to imagine the desperation of a developer when faced with a problem whose causes are not visible. Thus, to deal with the blank screen, it may be necessary to use trial and error. Here are some possible solutions: activate debugging Debug is simply a bug finder.

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