Learn how to set up an online store in 9 steps

The dream of having your own business is old and common to many Brazilians. More recently. e-commerces have become an object of desire for those who want to undertake. However. understanding how to set up an online store can be a task not as simple as many may think.


That’s because. in addition to all issues related to opening an organization. business management and finances . an online store still requires a lot of technical care.


It is necessary to think about the infrastructure. management and the entire marketing strategy suited to the virtual environment.


But remember that this does not mean that it is not advantageous to open an e-commerce. It’s just that there are better ways to do it!


Therefore. in this post. we have brought you a complete guide on how to set up an online store. Check it out below!


Online store: find out if it’s really worth it

A while ago. it was very common for an entrepreneur Estonia Phone Numbers or trader to establish an organization at one point and stay there. That was the rule. regardless of the product or service offered. People knew what to buy and where to find it.


However. things have changed a lot. Today. just do a quick Google search to find a multitude of stores that provide the product you are looking for.


In fact. the growth of e-commerce has occurred infinitely faster than the traditional way .


Although there are people who prefer personal contact with sellers. the convenience. practicality and increasingly personalized service of the virtual environment have conquered many consumers.

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But what does this growth represent for those who want to set up a digital business? Here we list the main points that you should be aware of before knowing how to set up an online store. Look!


  1. Cost difference

Opening an online store is not always as cheap as you think. After all. if on the one hand you save with physical space. for example. you need to invest in digital infrastructure. such as website hosting and domain acquisition.


In this way. a low investment in physical resources can be balanced by the need to hire much more qualified professionals. such as specialists in information technology. marketing and logistics.

  1. Product diversity

A very positive point for virtual stores is the variety of products that can be offered. They don’t necessarily have to be in your inventory as long as you have a good supply chain.


This offer may also depend on the type of product. After all. it’s much easier to provide a wide variety of TVs. smartphones and other electronics than something that needs more customization.


Improvements in exchange systems and even personalization technologies added at the time of purchase (such as virtual hangers) favored change in this scenario.


  1. Customer reach scope

In theory. almost everything on the internet can be purchased by anyone anywhere in the world. In fact. many online stores and marketplaces profit a lot from international sales. unlike neighborhood stores. which have a very limited audience.


However. in some cases. the cost of shipping can make the sale over long distances unfeasible. Therefore. ecommerce is advantageous if it can overcome logistical barriers much more than physical barriers.

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Not to mention the importance of developing


adequate strategies to attract a qualified audience. really interested in buying your products. That’s where digital marketing comes in . with ads and other features aimed at converting into sales.


  1. Opening hours

This is one of the most obvious advantages of a virtual store. both for customers and for shopkeepers. An e-commerce works 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. This means that the customer no longer has to submit to the opening hours of conventional commerce. buying when and where it is most convenient.


However. the customer does not have to limit himself to buying at these times. placing orders whenever he wants. So you don’t miss a sale due to lack of availability of opening hours.


  1. Accessibility to the virtual environment

The growth of e-commerce is largely due to the popularization of the internet and the creation of broadband services. In other words. with the ease of access for people to the web. it has become not only viable. but very interesting. to invest in virtual stores.