Learn what remarketing is and how it helps

Remarketing is a way to reach the same audience more than once. It’s a way to reinforce your business’s message to someone who has already had contact with your brand. So. This is one of the criteria for remarketing: the person being impacted must have had some previous contact with your company. As defined by google ads . Remarketing helps you reach people who have visited your website or used your mobile app in the past. Visitors or past users may see your ads as they browse websites that are part of the google display network or when they search for terms related to your products or services on google. When researching the subject. Neil patel . One of the biggest seo gurus. Pointed out some important questions about remarketing. More specifically some channels where it can be used.

What is remarketing

According to him this strategy can be applied in offline media. Telephone. Email. Social networks and retargeting – which is often confused with remarketing – is a subdivision of remarketing. That is. It turns out to be a tool within this main strategy. We will explain the Indonesia Phone Number List difference between the two later. However. We want to talk first about the remarketing possibilities that can be worked on. Offline – billboards and signs you know those signs in the form of easels that are close to restaurants announcing some promotion and that every day you pass by and see? That’s remarketing. The fact that you are exposed to this message more than once makes action part of the strategy. It also applies to a billboard for example.

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Remarketing and Retargeting

Even if the message is short. The fact that it is exposed for two weeks ends up etching in your mind. Which can generate a need to buy that product/service. An example of the remarketing strategy on billboards is the hospital de olhos sadalla amin ghanem in joinville. On a stretch of br 101 there are three or four billboards one after the other that talk about the hospital’s specialties. Another company that uses this strategy and reinforces Aleart News the brand through the repetition of billboards along the way is weg. Also on br 101. It uses billboards with a space between one and the other – in this case there are three or four as well – to talk about the areas that are worked by the company. Telephone there are still television commercials today that have much of the programming – if not all – focused on selling products.