Like Breaking bad, these series had a film version and were bad

Various sources indicate that the successful American series Breaking Bad will soon have its film version and the announcement – although it has not been officially confirmed – suggests other examples of television franchises that ventured to spread on celluloid. With five seasons that aired between 2008 and 2013, this broadcast surprised the world of American and global entertainment Brazil Phone Number List by recounting the story of a chemistry professor who, to pay for the expenses of his cancer treatment, enters the world of production and drug sales.

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Almost simultaneously with the announcement of the filming of a movie sequel to the series The Walkind Dead, Breaking Bad is preparing, according to data from The Hollywood Reporter, a film in which the creator of the franchise, Vince Gilligan, will have a important creative work.

The fact suggests other television series that launched his films. It was about marketing bets that managed to attract the attention of the followers of the programs, but that did not always achieve greater commercial success nor could they achieve the quality or freshness in the stories that viewers were accustomed to.

Here are some examples.

Sex and the City
This HBO broadcast surprised viewers between 1998 and 2004, which is why a sequel was released in cinema format that premiered in 2008. Although the story achieved a good entrance at the box office thanks to the following that it was gave the central story, it was a second film installment that ended with the interest of the audiences

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The Simpsons
The successful animated series created by Matt Groening and launched in 1989, released his film in 2007. Although it reached a not inconsiderable sum of 96 million dollars in its first weekend of exhibition worldwide Phone Number List, criticism focused on that, for many of the brand’s followers, it was only a long chapter and did not offer important elements to be remembered.

The Dukes of Hazzard
This road adventure series from the late 1970s had several film versions, perhaps the one you remember most is the one made in 2005 starring figures such as Jessica Simspon, Sean William Scott and Johnny Knoxville. . Certainly the theme of both the series and its films could be seen today as politically incorrect due to the fact that it places rather objectified female figures.

But this trend of moving television franchises does not only develop in the United States. In Mexico we can mention examples such as More than reaching a star, a film sequel to a 1990 telenovela that already had a sequel on television.

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