Link Building Over The Years

The number and type of links pointing to a website has long been one of the most important factors for Google to estimate your authority and therefore that of your website. You are probably familiar with the regular Penguin updates , with which Google tackles unnatural behavior. Where in the past you could manipulate more and more, for example with the exchange and relevance of links, Google is now increasingly looking at the quality and value of links.

Google wants to see that links really have to do with your company or what you do exactly. In addition, it is checked whether a company or website has obtained links in a fair way. Links that are insufficiently industry-oriented or link directly to each other (AB exchange) can be treated with a penalty from Google .

Trust building is the new link building: 4 reasons

In line with this, it is therefore not inconceivable that Google will take this one step further. By looking more at implied links instead of express links in the future , Google is actually telling that it is becoming increasingly important how the environment thinks about your company. How much VP Software Email Lists trust does your company get from the environment and what does that consist of? Are you a topic of conversation?

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SEO specialist Tommy Landry explains in his article why Google’s new Panda patent comes as no surprise to him . He cites a number of reasons for this:

1. Being able to measure authority even better

Google is looking for alternative ways to measure authority. The fact that people talk a lot about a company or like to share something about a company provides more information about its popularity and therefore also authority.

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2. Combating manipulation

Manipulation to get higher in the ranking: I wrote something about that earlier in this piece. Google is increasingly looking for ways to combat manipulation. After all, the fact that more people talk and write about your company or that your content is shared is all a lot harder to manipulate.

3. Building ‘into social SEO’

Google is looking at how popularity on social media can be better measured. Now most of the links found on social media are nofollow links . By monitoring more whether a company or website is a topic of conversation, Google gets a better impression of its popularity.