Creative Tips for Link Building

Earlier I wrote an article on how to find relevant link partners . If you have found this, it is of course also the intention to actually get a link mention. To request links from potential link partners, you need both good content and an approach strategy. In this article a number of creative tips for valuable content and points of attention when approaching link partners.

What is the value of a domain?

Every domain has a certain value (authority) and it is difficult to estimate what impact a link from a certain domain will have. However, it is possible to find out what value/authority a domain has on the basis of the data from Open Site Explorer (OSE) or another backlink analysis tool. Based on this, you can decide what approach strategy to use. A domain with many links from (often) different VP Security Email Lists domains (with high authority) is an ideal domain to get a link from. Basically, the higher the domain or page authority, the more important it is to get a link from that.

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What is a link worth?

It is advisable to find out broadly what a link is worth for your domain. This stems from what a better ranking is expected to bring for your domain. You can think of visitors and conversions. Please note that an algorithm update from Google can change the value of a link (the Panda update is an example of this). Social shares are also becoming more important. The question is to what extent the social shares will replace the old referring links. There are 2 good blogs written about this that are a must to read, so you can form an idea for yourself about which way we are going with establishing an authority.

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