Bing Link Explorer

Bing’s Link Explorer can be found in your Bing webmaster tools account. The Link Explorer gives you the opportunity to gain insight into all backlinks from websites. This makes it ideal for competitive analysis and for further insight into your backlink profile. More information about using the Link Explorer can be found here.

Blogs from the Bing team

2. Bing SEO Analyzer

The Bing SEO Analyzer analyzes in a simple and fast way whether an entered URL complies with SEO best practices. The results are displayed in a report that highlights the issues and immediately lists solutions.

3. Microsoft SEO Tool Kit

A lesser known free tool made available by Microsoft is the Microsoft SEO Tool Kit . This is a desktop application that is free and very easy to use, which can search any website for SEO issues.

4. Bing Webmaster Blog

Like Google, Bing also has its own Bing Webmaster Blog . This is not so much a tool but definitely COO Email List worth following. The blog shares best practices, updates and Bing’s views on certain matters. For example, how Bing handles mobile-friendly search .

COO Email List

5. Bing Search Quality Blog

In addition to the Bing Webmasters Blog, Bing also has the Search Quality Blog . This blog focuses more on the search engine market in general and how the Bing search engine will respond to this. Very interesting to follow!

6. Contact the Bing Webmaster Team

Last, but certainly not least, if you have any questions, just contact the Bing Webmaster Team . Do you have problems with indexation or do you need assistance with something? Who better to turn to for help than Bing itself?


Optimizing for Bing is very similar to optimizing for Google. It is important to realize that it is not a matter of optimizing either your website for Bing or for Google. It’s not one or the other. Multiple search engines should be considered when optimizing your website. However, by going through a few steps and using a number of handy tools, you can give your rankings in Bing search results that little bit extra.

Now only the question remains: will you start with the steps to make this extra push in Bing possible? Or maybe you know of any Bing optimization ideas I missed? Share it in a comment on this article!