Approach Link Partners

Now that you have enough ideas, you need to approach the domains the right way. The identity use to request the link is therefore also important. When a link to your website is requested, it will be notice if the email was sent from a G-mail address or the domain name of a marketing agency. It is therefore always advisable to use an companyname e-mail address, because otherwise it can arouse suspicion.

How to Approach?

There are several ways to access a domain. Depending on what kind of domain it is (authority, type of website and desire link). When approaching a domain, it is important that the contact person in question does not get the feeling that it is purely a link listing. Also try to make a connection with the person you Risk Managers Email List are going to approach by, for example, giving a compliment. The application must be package in a nice way, so that it does not immediately end up in the trash.

Risk Managers Email List

By Phone

When a domain has a high authority and is relevant to your website, it is best to contact someone from the editors who deals with the content of the domain by phone. A conversation over the phone is more personal and you can quickly feel whether it will be possible to obtain a link and you can therefore respond quickly. A telephone conversation can also serve as a short introduction, so that the contact person knows who he is dealing with (real person) and after which further communication can take place by e-mail. If it is not possible to retrieve the phone data, a personalize email is the best second option to use for important domains.

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For domains that are less important, it is best to opt for a personalize email. The subject of the e-mail is extremely important and should arouse the interest of the reader so that the e-mail is opene. In addition to the subject, the first paragraph is also important. In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and explain why you are being contacte. What works well is to give a compliment (I am a loyal visitor, you have a nice website, etc.). As explaine earlier, it should not be immediately clear that it is a link listing. An example of an introduction could be.