Tracking Link Requests

It is extremely important to keep track of all link requests as completely as possible, to prevent duplicate requests and to know what has been communicated and what the status is. There are several tools for this, such as Link-assistant .


It won’t be easy and it will take time to get everything right. The purpose of this article is to give you ideas, because there are so many other clever ways to get links. Just step out of the box! And again, content is the most important thing. Because when Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists your content is very good, others will naturally be inclined to link to your website (of their own accord).

Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists

Content plays a major role in ranking high in search engines. Good content is the key to search engine optimization (SEO). But social media also influences the results of search engines. This Infographic Day focuses on the importance of content for SEO.

Google Panda-update

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Last year, Google announced a change to its algorithm. The official name for this update is the Google Panda update. This means that approximately 12% of all search results have been modified. According to the search engine giant, this algorithm update was necessary to show better search results and remove low-quality websites (so-called content farms). Good and unique content is therefore important to rank high in search engine results. As a website administrator or owner, it is therefore important to pay attention to the quality of your content.

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