Live streaming as a strategy

The popularization of social networks and. The improvement of internet services and tools in Brazil. Are one of the factors in the growth of live broadcasting . The main social networks already offer Live Streaming: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. The growth is such that .Therefore, investing in videos as a marketing strategy is to take advantage of the hype of the moment and be updated in the market! Why Stream Live? Nowadays it is not possible to think of a complete marketing strategy without the integration of video content. Be it a lecture, an advertisement or an animation.

Internet and Social Networks

It is in this scenario that Live Stream arises. What is the difference between a ready and posted video and a live video? Is real-time streaming really a differential? AdobeLive broadcasts are transforming the way people and companies communicate. And they relate. It is Kuwait Phone Number List estimated that engagement in live streaming is up to 10x higher than interactions generated by recorded videos . The fact that the broadcast is happening at that moment generates a much more latent sense of urgency and availability for users, which generates more clicks and views. This video format has gained space on social networks and comes to show that there is a programming alternative beyond traditional media.

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Benefits of live streaming

During the live broadcast there can be a direct interaction between the sender of the message and the audience that watches it. This interaction connects people with a bond of proximity. This relationship is much stronger than a recorded experience! Live Marketing Live Marketing means creating marketing actions with the purpose of reaching Aleart News your audience directly and live. At a time when retaining attention and getting closer to your consumers is necessary, one of the ways to stimulate this connection is through Live Marketing . And one of the main ways to provide this direct connection in digital marketing is through live streaming technology . Benefits of live streaming Live videos get more engagement, greater reach, greater chances of viewing, and better SEO rankings.

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