Better signals for ‘local SEO’

If more people talk about a company, then from this information – for example by looking at profiles – it can be deduced what the local popularity of a company is. This creates better signals for ‘local SEO’.

What do we notice in practice?

This is a question that naturally concerns all SEO specialists. Are we already seeing examples of websites that rank better through trust building ?

Various experts around me cite examples where you can notice that citations and mentions have a positive effect on the ranking of websites. SEO specialists don’t have to look far from home for this. A Backlink Tracker like Ahrefs is a good example. Without a clear application of strategic keywords, this site ranks well. On the other hand, many articles VP HR Email Lists are written about backlink analysis and how to deal with backlinks on this site. The site is a topic of conversation with many people. You can see that this has a positive effect on important keywords (check for example ‘ backlink analysis ‘).

VP HR Email Lists

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Good examples of link building

How can you work on link building, with the developments at Google in mind? 3 tips.

1. Being shared & liked

The sharing options of social media are ideal for gaining a wider reach or network. Twitter is above all a perfect way to ‘socialize’ and build a larger network. For example, it is common on Twitter to follow people with similar interests. As a result, affinity with others will grow sooner and the chance of a response will increase.

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You can add more text on Facebook. In any case, make sure to interact on social media. People then have more reason to respond to you or share something. Nice ideas are posting a poll or a question that can be responded to. Or write quality content and link to it with a short introductory text. This is of course possible on all social media: you will see that people are more likely to share something about you.