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Planning Transformation Trends  A collection of digital marketing stories in every aspect digitalbreaktimommerce Marketing Ads. Lazada Ads Making Shopee Ads, Lazada Ads. How to start? What techniques are there? I have to tell you who sells products online. Products are often sold on the famous E-Commerce Platform in Thail such as Shopee Lazada. But in order to use Shopee Ads or Lazada Ads, many SMEs are not yet brave enough to try it. or prefer to use social mia advertising, must first underst that Shopee Ads Lazada Ads are still very new in advertising, but the advantage that is much superior is that both.

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Shopee Ads Lazada Ads are focus on converting or the purchase or. Purchase of the product itself This makes it quite interesting. Because everyone who enters Shopee or Lazada is ready to shop. Therefore, the advertisements in Shopee Lazada all respond Azerbaijan Phone Number List to the giving. Boost Influencer Posts Euphoria 2019 (S1•E6: The Next Episode) Boost Influencer Ads for those who don’t want the hassle. Or don’t focus too much on reporting. Giving influencers to help boost is another option. which the employer does not have to do anything by letting influencers manage them all Its duty is to pay only.

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Here influencers tend to charge a fee as a percentage of their post boost. Depending on the agreement Usually it is  But this method has many disadvantages, whether the influencer really boosts us or not. You have to keep track of Facebook Aleart News receipts from Influencers later. It’s difficult to look at the report. You have to let the influencer capture the image only, or if the influencer doesn’t have knowlge of digital marketing, they tend to choose the Objective or the purpose of doing it doesn’t match. or select the target group that doesn’t match the group causing us to lose this opportunity (Personally will not choose.

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