March – Deduction of Health

Another example of content in the month of March is of course the tax return. And specifically the deduction of healthcare costs. The Dutch claim an average of more than 2,000 euros ( source ). So every year many people ask themselves: what can and cannot I deduct from the tax?

The great advantage of this subject is that almost the whole of the Netherlands is working on it during this period. For content marketing, this means that there are many great places that can publish your content. Be sure to distribute a number of variations of your content, focused on various segments and niche audiences.

May – Fees

Make sure you try to ‘provoke’ as much as possible, so that people will refer to your website where you have this information in a fixed place. Of course it is fine if you also pay attention to it on your blog and other channels Australia Accountant Email Lists where you come into contact with your target group (social media, e-mail, etc.).

Australia Accountant Email Lists

If there is not necessarily a current theme that you can respond to, do not sit still but get started with evergreen content . That is, content that is not time-bound. By the way, do this all year round, in addition to the opportunities presented by current events.

April – Contracting

An example of evergreen content in health insurance is information about contracting. Nowadays there are agreements between health insurers and health care institutions. The different policy types indicate this (refund, kind, etc.). For example, the following questions arise: with which hospitals, physiotherapists, etc. does my health insurance and in particular NOT have a contract?

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Publish information about it on your site, of course, but also go ‘out there’ with information. Thinking in terms of target groups and niches also provides many opportunities for distributing your content and creating authority.