Marketing and human resources are related, why?

The workforce represents, without a doubt, the most valuable asset for companies and, of course, of the entire marketing process Morocco Phone Number List. Merca2.0 prepares the edition of Human Capital, a publication that investigates the most essential of people’s work and its relationship with work.

Rude Emails From Work Can Cause Stress And Loss Of Sleep
Some of the topics that will be addressed in this special magazine are the following.

New trends in effective leadership.
Performance metrics of the human resources area.
Infographic: Trends in work behavior. (Map sponsorship).
How to make a good selection of personnel?
How do good investments work Phone Number List in the area of ​​human resources?
Digital marketing and human capital.
Development of skills and aptitudes for senior managers.
Security and civil protection.
Workshops, effective training for the human resources area.
What sectors can participate?

HR Consulting.
Executive coaching.
Language courses.
Discount cards
HR analytics.
Internal communication.
Performance evaluators.
Talent programs.
Labor Law.
IT / Technology Services in HR.
Job boards.
Security and civil protection.
Complementary services of the HR area.
Do you want to be part of this edition? Know some of its characteristics

More than 11,500 subscribers to the printed magazine.
Opportunity to highlight registration with your company logo. Even open sections by industry.
Mexico, South of the US, Central and South America.
Point of Sale: Sanborns, Superama, Liverpool,
Mexico City airports and Monterrey.

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