Marketing focused on user experience

User experience or User Experience UX is. The set of perceptions that a person has when using a product or service. UX is closely linked to usability, interface, design and sensory aspects. But it’s not just about them. Convenience, ease, attraction, enchantment and connection. Are some considerable concepts to build a good user experience! 5 pillars of user experience – Aesthetics: Aesthetics is certainly not the most important element of the user experience, but it is an important “business card”. What you mean? Well, the first impression is the one that will give you a sense of what the rest of the experience will be like. Therefore, an attractive interface already strengthens the user’s confidence that the navigation will be good.

User experience is key to strategy

Usability Usability is key and complements aesthetics. That is, the look is not only beautiful, but also functional! Usability defines how easily and efficiently users can navigate the website or application. The better and more intuitive, the more likely your persona will be satisfied. – Information architecture (AI): means how information is organized El Salvador Phone Number List on a page. Good AI puts the most important information in the spotlight and directs users’ attention to the right places. It’s what drives conversions. – Interaction flows: it is like a map of the different paths that the user will take when using your product. Thus, the person will always know where he is and what are the next steps he can take during navigation. – Content: essential for a good user experience.

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Relationship between user experience

When used well content provides helpful instructions and information that help to further enrich that experience. Think of an institutional site that has all the other pillars, but lacks relevant content. The user will probably abandon the page, as they won’t find what they need. Relationship between user experience and marketing With high competition, companies have realized that user satisfaction Aleart News is not something that should be prioritized only when they make the decision to consume the product or service, but from the beginning of their relationship with the brand, when they are still is getting to know her. With that in mind, user experience has been heavily considered in marketing strategies.