Marketing Gurus: Don’t tell me what everyone knows, tell me how you did it

Now that it seems that everyone has assumed that social media seems to be truly important in the end, and that few are those who question the importance of social media as well as that of other channels and digital strategies, we can speak openly, avoiding being suspected of being classified as “sell fumes” or false marketing gurus, that companies must be more consistent in their actions and their work and “social spirit” in the face of this new era in which new relationships have also emerged and more direct communication channels with users, clients and consumers Hong-Kong Mobile Database. Talking about the need for companies and brands to maintain, beyond mere presence, a continuous activity through all these channels, is already practically something too obvious. And it is curious that after all these years of learning, evolution and growth, during which, we have learned through effort, trial and error, failures and successes, many of those who acquired the role of experts or gurus of marketing and marketing. social media, are still entangled in that primitive message of “You have to be on social networks.”

It is true that although it may seem surprising, there are still hundreds of thousands of businesses and companies that live on the fringes of this reality, disconnected. It is also true that many of those who arrived late do not hesitate to put all their efforts to join this movement that has generated great paradigm shifts in communication and business strategies. And yes, it finally seems that with repeating and repeating that social networks can help and revolutionize their businesses, many small companies and entrepreneurs have decided to become aware of it and open their minds to join the change. However, at a key moment in which companies are looking for more answers and solutions than promises, and stop listening to that “just being is not enough”, Companies and brands do not need pseudo experts to remind them and tell them what everyone already knows. That if all companies use Facebook, that now Instagram is the coolest thing for brands, that if the video is imposed, that if engagement, that if userlovers, that if brand experiences, that if more content, … Practically, all this information is accessible from most of the specialized media from which we cover and inform about new trends. And not even for that, we set the guidelines or guidelines of what companies should do.

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We simply report and highlight what appears to be prevailing. However, repeating report headlines and findings has become the dogma of marketing pseudo gurus. Most of them, without even having professional achievements that serve as a testimony that their wisdom is the result of experience. And what’s wrong with this? Some will say … The answer is simple. Companies and brands do not need pseudo experts to remind them and tell them what everyone already knows. They need true professionals who know how to guide, advise and above all, explain and help plan the methods and strategies to achieve it. It is evident that not all those who proclaim with knowledge lack a proven professional reputation, and that knowledge Brother Cell Phone List, like offering true solutions and answers, does not always develop altruistically. And much less, by way of “speaker”, as many now like to refer to. It is the new level with an Anglo-Saxon accent to sell a professional image of knowledge, but that on few occasions beyond the speech and the “posture” facing the gallery offer us real answers and solutions.

And it often happens that someone tries to convince us that SEO is important, but do you know the deepest secrets and ins and outs of complex web analytics? Are you really telling us what others do or are you really enlightening us with your own experience? And beyond … Do you preach by example, with your experience or that of others? Can you attest that everything you talk about corresponds to the wisdom acquired through different businesses or your participation in different projects? In the end, all these issues have led to an almost complete deterioration of the figure of the consultant, which in reality, is neither more nor less than the “professional” who provides expert advice in a particular domain or area of ​​expertise. Not to mention the real gurus who have revolutionized marketing. It is evident that in this definition, “professional and experience” are indispensable and inseparable requirements and aspects. And although it may seem quite obvious, transmitting true knowledge cannot be reduced simply to repeating before people what we have read in any book or website.

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However, it seems that knowing how to move on a stage to perform mental games like the one in which one says “something that everyone knows to be true” is unnecessary to reaffirm his figure and credibility as a professional, although what he tells us we all already know . Let’s not forget either the new emerging figure of the reputation crisis seeker expert who questions the alien as an inquisitor to criticize a behavior, a bad response, an error, … and then make us believe that he is the owner of the solution with all his artillery theoretical of which he cannot even give us a small sample of how he “could have done better”. They are the vampires of misfortune. Those who feed on brands that “bleed out” when they make a mistake and see in it, the opportunity to show themselves as a leading opinion expert in the sector.

What is a constant is that with a look back in time it happens that despite all these years of evolution where the internet, social networks and marketing itself have evolved and grown, completely changing a multitude of paradigms, we will always find business of all sizes in need of learning, of improving, of solving their deficiencies, of overcoming their problems and challenges. Achieving each of these objectives undoubtedly requires an additional knowledge, but above all and most importantly, the participation of true professionals who can get involved in each challenge thanks to their proven experience. While it is true that knowing how to listen is considered a virtue, it is not a bad thing to do it to find out or know everything about what is changing, what is imposed, in short … about new trends. But if your business needs solutions, don’t look for a spokesperson or some pseudo-expert or new marketing guru to tell you something as obvious as what you already know. There are hundreds of companies and professionals with proven experience and reputations waiting to provide you with real answers.

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