Marketing masters and rumors: Pumas launches a special edition Day of the Dead T-shirt

In Mexico there are hundreds of brands fighting for a place as a sponsor in a jersey or any type of merchandising related to soccer teams. The economic impact of La Liga MX can be seen in its value of 550 million dollars. Nike, Under Armor, Adidas and various brands Belize Phone Number List that are responsible for soccer team jerseys compete not only in sales, but in reputation, a factor that influences potential consumers.

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It is for this reason that it is not surprising that Pumas launch an edition that concerns Mexican traditions and as marketing geniuses , they ventured to the possibility of selling numerous copies for the simple fact of a stylized and neat design that refers to Mexicanness.

For this it seems that they resorted to the rumor to measure the reaction and generate expectation. As we anticipated, an image circulated on the internet and social networks with a sweater that sported a new design, apparently a special edition that Nike would launch on the occasion of the Day of the Dead.

Indeed, the rumor served to generate expectation and finally today the club announced the launch of its new bet.

The shirt refers to the traditional colors of the club Phone Number List, but under the Puma they placed some bones that represent the Day of the Dead.

It would not be surprising if Pumas repeated the feat in the top of the most beautiful shirts in the world, carried out by Four Four Two , because during 2016, the publication pointed out that a Mexican team surpassed all the squads at least in the design of its jersey . Pumas was the team with the most beautiful shirt.

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In the end, its brand power is macro. Pumas is one of the biggest clubs in Mexican soccer, with one of the most numerous hobbies. It is the third most popular team with 9.7 percent of the fans, only behind América (20.9 percent) and Guadalajara (21.7 percent), according to the latest Consulta Mitofsky poll.