Marketing to Gen Z: Things Brands Should Consider

Developing marketing for Generation Z is an action that possibly more brands will begin to carry out as time progresses, it is about the generation that comes just behind the millennials and that can represent good opportunities for Algeria Phone Number List business development as they are already beginning to integrate to the job market and to generate income that they can spend on whatever they want.

Getting to know them more and more will be essential in the not so distant future and that is why this time we will share some of their keys as well as some secrets to reach them through marketing.

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Characteristics of Generation Z
Also known as the postmillennial generation or centennials, Generation Z is the group of people born between 1994 and 2010, 1995 and 2005, or 1996 and 2011 (according to various sources). According to data from 2017 belonging to the Population Pyramid firm , it is made up of 1.9 billion individuals, which represents 27 percent of the world’s population.

It is a group that brands and organizations are beginning to look at as the boom experienced by millennials ends. Among its main characteristics, various elements can be highlighted, such as the ones mentioned below:

They are recurring users of mobile devices, they spend up to 15.4 hours per week on the smartphone.
They are not so attached to the use of TV, on it they spend 13.2 hours a week, on average.
The main social platforms they use are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.
They prefer a product that looks good to having a good experience with it.
They prefer that brands contact them via social networks (33 percent) rather than through means such as email, online advertisements or outdoor advertising.
For the consumption of visual content, the preferred platform is YouTube.
According to data from the Cassandra firm, they are more of the DIY trend than of the shopping generation.
Ads that have celebrities or athletes work better for them.
In the labor aspect, among their most notable characteristics, their attachment to online research, their readiness to entrepreneurship and innovation and that they are digital natives stand out.
Understanding these characteristics is key for every firm, however there are more aspects to consider, such as the ones we share here below.

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Marketing tactics for Gen Z
Consider their behavior
As we saw a moment ago, the generation has characteristics that make it somewhat different from the others, in that sense, as the first marketing tactic for Generation Z it is recommended that you keep in mind the way in which they act. In this particular case, one of the habits that you should always keep in mind is the use they give to mobile devices. If you want to reach them, the mobile section will be essential in the development of your campaigns.

Contemplate its diversity
Among Gen Z members, the word diversity is not only a buzzword, it is a fundamental concept. In countries like the United States, data from Brading Strategy Insider indicates that Generation Z is the most diverse in terms of race. However, diversity is not only an issue that must be approached from the perspective of races, due to the new existing openness and acceptance of different sexual orientations and gender fluidity, the young people of the generation feel more comfortable to approach the orientations. friends, parents, relatives and, in many cases, themselves. The key with all this is to understand that to carry marketing for Generation Z you do not have to seek to impose,

Focus on engagement and value creation
Gen Z consumers are not just passive recipients of messages, if a brand seeks success in bringing marketing to them, it must understand the importance of engagement. In this case, generating engagement implies actively contributing to the culture of this generation by Phone Number List involving them in the development of content, in conversations and in experiences. The approach that brands must take to reach Gen Z is not to be the fastest, those who want to keep their hearts (and their wallets) must find authentic ways to build relationships with them. Every company must ask itself what it is doing to support these young people and if these actions are adding value to them.

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Think ahead
As with members of other generations, marketing for Generation Z should be thought further after a purchase process is finalized, if you seek to inspire these young people it is necessary to show them how an offer or a product can impact on their long-term lives, it is a differentiator. One way to achieve this is by helping the consumer to explore, learn and experiment, those brands that make consumers feel that anything is possible and help them, are the same ones that will make a better impression.

Don’t lose sight of status
Finally, to properly conduct marketing for Generation Z you must consider the importance of status among these individuals, as highlighted again by the firm Branding Strategies Insider, one of the most important goals of content is to capture their attention and raise their status or make them look better, especially in the eyes of their peers. Generation Z consumers are individuals who demand instant rewards, such as likes or views on their social media posts, providing them with elements that help them better build their personal brand will improve the chances of getting them to help yours.

Properly reaching all generations can be a significant challenge, as can be seen, the proper development of marketing for Generation Z has several considerations. Contemplating them is essential for success.